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My Wallet is a wallet system that helps users purchase cryptocurrencies from their local bank accounts and also make cash withdrawals on Kurecoinhub.com.

You don't need to create a wallet because the system automatically creates one for you using your registered details.

Buy Sell Bank loan You can make purchase using your credit card alternatively, To make purchase on Kurecoinhub you can also fund your kure wallet to make purchase. Yes, The wallet aids to receive funds on your local account from the platform after sales The wallet isn’t required during the banking,but is required to make withdrawal of funds after banking Yes The wallet aids our users receive loans in form of cash via their their local bank accounts .

Yes you can by:

Online transfers:Simply transfer money electronically from your bank to your wallet.

Credit card payment: Transfer funds using your credit card details from your account to your wallet.

Bank payment: by depositing money in the bank .

From your local bank account: As soon as confirmation is received from the bank.

Debit card: Instantly

On your dashboard you click “Wallet”and from the displayed options select “Withdraw” and you will be redirected to a page containing your bank details which when filled “Submit” completes your transaction.

10000 Naira.

It is fast and seamless.

The shortest time you can bank your coin is a duration of 12 months.

Bitcoin(btc), Ethereum(eth), Dash(dash), Kurecoin(krc7).

Contact the support center and you will be guided on steps to save your funds.