For You

“ do I gain entry into the world of possibilities in the cryptocurrency space? ”

“...I have got a few cryptocurrencies and I want the best and cheapest way to convert them to my local currency.”

“...I have these digital assets; I want to keep them but I need immediate cash to meet my personal and business needs.”

“... if only there was a platform to showcase my Blockchain project”


At Kurecoinhub

At Kurecoinhub, there are diverse solutions that address every aspect of your needs from; buying, selling and banking your cryptocurrency assets on one platform. Collateral free loans are also available to all users that bank their assets on the platform. This means, you are under no pressure to liquidate your assets for immediate cash to meet your personal or business needs. The platform offers loans in your local currency upto 50% of all your banked assets on the hub.

We allow for the sales of token based projects on our platform to cryptocurrency investors right in their local currencies. Here, project owners looking to sell their ICO coin/token based projects other than in their websites can take advantage of our wide community and list their coins/tokens on the HUB.

With our wide range of payment options, you are spoilt for choice on payment options to use in your purchase or sell of your digital assets.



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    To be the one-stop cryptocurrency platform; for buying, selling and, banking digital assets.

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    Is to create a seamless interaction/transactions between cryptocurrencies and fiat.

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    We deliver fast and convenient way to sell/buy your cryptocurrency assets at an unbeatable market price.

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    We dream it, change the odds and create opportunities to make it happen.