This London-based firm is helping to prevent the use of cryptocurrencies for criminal activities

Elliptic, a London-based securities firm has created an anti-money laundering software that enables financial institutions and cryptocurrency firms to monitor transactions in a bid to prevent money laundering and detect criminal activity


Nokia leads the pack in regular Android updates. But does this make it better than the rest?

Counterpoint recently released the results of their research’s whitepaper on security and software updates for smartphones titled Software and Security


What the hacking of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account reminds us of

Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked through a SIM swap. Here’s what you need to know about this method that is increasingly popular among hackers


Cryptocurrency gets more recognition as Pacquiao launches Pac tokens.

Remember Manny Pacquiao, the Philippine boxer whose historic fight with Floyd Mayweather almost broke the internet back in 2015? Well,


Why is Facebook’s $10,000 Bug Bounty a Welcome Development?

Facebook has launched a $10,000 Bug Bounty program. Why is this important?


Using Technology to Improve Hollywood

Nollywood faces huge challenges in the production and distribution of its movies. Maybe technology can help


Deloitte launches ‘Blockchain in a Box’ to demystify the technology

The blockchain technology is set to enjoy better comprehension and wider acceptance. Deloitte, one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting organisations


The US temporary reprieve to Huawei may not solve its problems

The 90-day reprieve extended to Huawei by the US may give the tech giant some time to continue its fight for relevance outside China, but would not solve its problems.


$4.3billion in crypto-related crimes has been lost to cyber criminals in 2019. How can we stop it?

Cyber crimes involving cryptocurrencies is on the risse. How can we mitigate this trend?


China Set to Launch Digital Currency

China seems set to launch its first-ever digital currency. The Deputy Director of the People’s Bank of China’s payment and