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Kurecoin Club


  1. Purpose

The purpose of the terms below is to present potential members with the membership offer of the cryptocurrency club referred to as “Kurecoin Club” (the Club) and the terms that apply to all members. It regulates the relationship between the Club and its members. It also brings to the notice of intending members of the Club the terms that apply.


  1. Restriction on Membership, Eligibility, and Potential Members


  1. Membership of the Club is not open to the members of the public. Membership is restricted to only holders of Kurecoin the cryptocurrency of Kure Crypto Assets Limited, which operates the site Therefore, the benefits that the Club offers are not offers to be public but offers to new or existing holders of Kurecoin.
  2. Also, holding or owning Kurecoin does not grant automatic membership of the Club to holders or owners but only makes them eligible for membership.
  3. Potential Club members are everyone who currently owns or wishes to own Kurecoin and wants to effectively utilize them to maximize benefits as a cryptocurrency owner.


  1. Not a Prospectus


Nothing in this document shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort or a solicitation for investment, nor does it in any way pertain to an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any digital currency, commodity, security, or any other kind of financial instrument that has been registered under the Investments and Securities Act, the securities laws of any state of the United States or the securities laws of any other country, including the securities laws of any jurisdiction in which a potential member is a resident.


  1. No Securities Offered


  1. Membership of of the Club does not convey the offer of securities. Membership of the Club cannot be presented for any financial, investment, speculative, or other purposes other than as provided in these terms.
  2. Other than those benefits specifically set out in these terms, membership with the Club confers no other rights in any form, including but not limited to ownership, distribution, profit, redemption, liquidation, property (including all forms of intellectual property), or other financial, or  legal rights.
  3. Membership confers no rights in the entity and do not represent  participation in the entity. Club memberships are to be referred to as a functional utility.
  4. Our membership does not constitute a security and does not need to be registered as security. In other words, Club membership is not a security. You may seek independent legal advice to ascertain the status of the Club membership.
  5. The member acknowledges, understands, and agrees that membership of the Club is not a security and is not  registered with any government entity as a security, and shall not be considered as such.
  6. The member acknowledges,  understands, and agrees that membership does not grant the member the right to receive profits, income, or other payments or returns arising from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of, the exercise of, the redemption of, or the expiry of, any right, interest, title or benefit in the Club platform or any other Club property, whole or in part. Club memberships are not official or legally binding investments of any kind.


  1. Risks


  1. The platform the Club offers is not perfect and is subject to further changes, updates, and adjustments prior to and after its launch. Such changes may result in unexpected and unforeseen effects on its projected appeal to members. Thissy be due to failure to meet members’ preconceived expectations based on these terms or marketing materials and publications of the Club, and  hence, impact its perceived success.
  2. Also, in a down-cycle economic environment, the Club may experience the negative effects of a  slowdown in the Club platform and may delay or stop working all altogether.
  3. Because it is difficult to predict how or whether governments or regulatory authorities may implement any changes to laws and regulations affecting our platform, the risk that the Club platform may no longer be commercially viable is present. Should the costs of complying with any newly implemented regulations significantly affect the ability of the Club platform to meet its business goals, the Club may opt to discontinue the development and operation of our platform in a particular jurisdiction or worldwide.
  4. The ability of the Club to  pay any benefits to you will depend on the future results of operations and laws. Hence, we may not be able to guarantee any future payments or anticipated benefits in the future. There is no assurance that there will be sufficient engagement in our platform and that you will receive any benefits.
  5. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, the objectives stated in these terms may change.
  6. Even though we intend to reach all goals described in these terms, all members involved participate at their own risk.
  7. Membership of the Club may be exposed to risks of theft. The Club will make every effort to ensure that benefits will be securely held in blockchain wallets. Notwithstanding such security measures, there is no  assurance that there will be no theft of the cryptocurrencies as a result of hacks, sophisticated cyber-attacks, distributed  denials of service or errors.


  1. No Cancellation or Refund
  1. The member acknowledges that they are  fully aware that they will not be entitled to claim any full or partial reimbursement under any circumstances whatsoever.
  2. The member may not claim any right of return against the Club.


  1. No Guarantee on Market


  1. The Club will use reasonable endeavours to participate in the cryptocurrency market safely.
  2. The Club is not responsible for, nor does it promise results of any kind expressed or implied regarding participation in its cryptocurrency  activities. Results will merely depend on the market at the time.


  1. Forward-looking Statements


  1. Claims and statements made in this Club terms, website, press releases made by the Club, oral statements made by the Club team members or agents acting on behalf of the Club that are not an accomplished fact, may represent so called forward-looking statements.
  2. Some of these forward-looking statements may be considered such by containing the following terms: “will”, “anticipate”, “plan”, “aim”, “target”, “expect”, “estimate”, “envision”, “intend”, “project”, “may”, “believe”, “if”, or any other such terms. Further, the terms listed above are not necessary to identify a forward-looking statement. All statements  that include, but are not limited to any financial projections, estimates, plans or possible trends, risks, as well as prospects of cryptocurrencies should be considered as forward-looking statements as well.
  3. These forward-looking statements are not yet accomplished facts and the Club does not take responsibility and cannot guarantee that the future results will correspond with above mentioned forward-looking statements.
  4. These forward-looking statements are also provided as-is and the Club takes no responsibility for updating  these forward-looking statements, should any information relevant to the pertaining forward-looking statements become available in the future.
  5. No information contained in these terms should be considered as a promise, representation of commitment, or undertaking as to the future performance of the Club platform, or any other component of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
    Any member who is directly or indirectly found making guarantees of any kind shall agree to their membership benefits being used as collateral for such guarantee and any other cost associated to the club as a result in any jurisdiction.
  6. Member shall also hold harmless and indemnify the Club, it’s compliant members founders, team, or other authorized representatives from any and all claims arising as direct or collateral result of such statements.


  1. Knowing Club Members and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy


  1. Anonymous and pseudonymous use of the Club platform is prohibited. All Club members will be requested to provide satisfactory identification, proof of residence and/or other documents necessary to meet all legal requirements.
  2. AML modules may also be integrated into the payment infrastructure offered by the Club.
  3. The goal of these measures is to systematically improve the credibility of cryptocurrencies as safe, fair, and legal means of payment.
  4. The Club is entitled to bring Know Your Customers standards to its  operations.


  1. Fees
  1. The Club charges registration fees based on the preferred level of membership of the Club starting from $100.
  2. The Club may collect platform-related fees in order to cover the cost burden generated by the use of our platform.
  3. The objective of these fees would be to ensure that the cost burden of maintaining and developing the underlying  technology and organization that runs Club benefits are shared fairly among all Club members on all sides of the spectrum, from occasional to heavy members.


  1. Earnings and Circles


  1. Members of the Club earn from 0.5%–2% daily for the period they remain members of the Club.
  2. Members shall earn based on the membership options made available to them by the Club from time to time.
  3. Depending on the level of membership, members will be entitled to earn daily from the fees and charges from the daily transaction volumes on all our platforms.
  4. Membership circle is 1 year, an equivalent of 260 working days. At the end of each circle, members are entitled to earnings as stated in this section.
  5. Where for any reason such as market forces or other external factors earnings are not payable at the end of a circle, members acknowledge, understand, and agree that the Club shall be entitled to pay fixed earnings to members in the cryptocurrency, Kurecoin.


  1. Termination or Suspension
  1. You agree that your use of this site may be suspended or terminated immediately upon receipt of any notice which alleges that you have used this site in violation of these terms or for any purpose that violates any local, state, federal, or law of other nations.
  2. Violation includes but not limited to the posting of information that may violate third-party rights that may defame a third party, that may be obscene or pornographic, that may harass or assault other, that may violate hacking or other criminal regulations, that may falsely accuse the site owners of any promises and/or guarantees etc. of its agents, officers, directors, contractors or employees.
  3. In the event of a violation, you agree that the owner of this site may disclose your identity and contact information, if requested by a government or law enforcement body or as a result of a subpoena or other legal action, and the owner of this site shall not be liable for damages or result of a subpoena or other legal action, and the owner of this site shall not be liable for damages or results thereof, and you agree not to bring any action or claim against the owner of this site for such disclosure.


  1. Translation into Other Languages

The information contained  herein may from time to time be translated into other languages, or used in the course of written, or verbal communications  with existing and prospective members, partners etc. In the course of such translation, or communication some of the  information contained herein may be corrupted, lost, or misrepresented. The accuracy of such alternative communications cannot be guaranteed. In the event of any conflicts or inconsistencies between such translations and communications and this official English language document, the provisions of this English language original document shall prevail.