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How to register your kurecoinclub account


Getting your kureclub account active

After registering on KureCoinHub using your email and creating a password, you end up on the kurecoinhub dashboard as seen on the right. 

Selecting KureCoinClub 

Select the kurecoinclub option on your app or using your desktop. 

Selecting KureCoinClub investment package 

Select the “Investment packages” on the dropdown options and the investment packages will appear on your dashboard as shown below. 

Download The KureCoinHub APP

Download the KureCoinHub App on your mobile phone to register your Kureclub membership from your phone.

Select your preferred investment package 

Select your preferred investment package. Presently KureCoinClub offers three investment packages: $100, $200 & $500.


Funding your wallet. 

You can fund your wallet using your local bank account.

Funding can be done with your debit card, bank account details or from your Kurepay wallet.

If you own a bitcoin wallet you can credit your preferred KureClub package to activate your daily earnings

How to EARN N2,000 through your referral ID on KureCoinClub. 

KureCoinClub rewards through referrals. How it works. 

Activating your referral earnings. 

Simply click on the referral ID link on your KureClub account package as shown below and enter the email of the account holder who referred you.

The email of your referral must be the same as the email used to activate his/her account as shown in the image below.


Seeing your referral list and earnings. 

To see all your referrals, simply click on the ‘KureCoinClub’ link and then click on ‘Referrals’ to see everyone on your list and earnings from referrals.

All your earning can be transferred to your local bank account.

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