Kurecoin Launches KurePay Beta Version – Decentrailsed Payment Gateway and Wallet System For Fiats and Cryptocurrency.

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Kurecoin is the largest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Project in Africa. In a bid to follow through with her projects, kurecoin recently launched the Beta Version of KurePay – A Decentralised Payment Gateway For Fiats and Cryptocurrency which offer fast and seamless transactions. KurePay API can be integrated easily on any online and offline store as a Payment Gateway and wallet giving both small and Big Business Owners the Opportunity of receiving and sending funds in both fiats and other major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum etc without stress. These are features and offers every Kurepay user have access to:

  1. Easy Checkout & integration Across Africa and around the world.
    With Cryptocurrency as a checkout on your website: you can accept payments from cards, bank accounts and cryptocurrencies – all in one platform. Also, you can request Paymentour API to integrate with us and tailor your Opportunitypayment gateway.
  2. Decentralised E-wallet
    KurePay e-wallet allows users to receive payments from credit/debit cards, bank accounts, cryptocurrencies and more.

3.Kurepay Card
Is a cryptocurrency card that is designed to enable you to spend selected top cryptocurrencies at highly competitive rates. With our card, you can use it anywhere in the world.

4. Safety of Funds is Assured
Kurepay is built to provide users with account security and your funds’ safety.

5. Quick and Instant Exchange
Exchange your cryptocurrency and fiat instantly without any extra payments.

6. Expert Support
Kurepay support team provide 24/7 expert support for all registered users.

7. Personal Wallet
Our easy-to-use personal wallet system will keep your bitcoins safe.