Press Release: Kurecoin to list on UK-Premier Exchange, Instant Bitex

Kurecoin Token (Krc7) will be listed on Instant Bitex on Thursday 10 January 2019. Instant Bitex is the premier UK-based blockchain platform.

This feat is another clear indication to the Kurecoin community that the Kurecoin team is committed to making the Kurecoin project one that its users and the entire cryptocurrency community in Africa can be proud of.

Despite the “bear in the Crypto-Market”, the Kurecoin team is working tirelessly, demonstrating that they are here for the long haul.

Indeed, Kurecoin has shown it has the capacity to keep its word and drive its vision. Within 4 months after its ICO in 2018, Kurecoin launched its decentralized crypto bank—Kurecoinhub—and then launched its hybrid payment gateway and wallet system for both fiat and cryptocurrency—Kurepay. This feat is rare in the cryptocurrency space, especially at a time when up to 90% of ICOs had failed. For Kurecoin, it keeps driving, ever focused on keeping its promises to its Kurecoin community.

CEO of Kurecoin, Abikure Tega, certainly knows that getting listed on Instant Bitex is another step forward for Kurecoin. In his words in an open statement, Mr Tega noted that “Kurecoin being listed on Instant Bitex is a step forward in ensuring that we spread our reach and give everyone the opportunity to be a beneficiary of the Kurecoin project.”

Speaking of listing on exchanges, it is not a surprise that the most anticipated in the Kurecoin community now is the KureExchange. As would be expected, Kurecoin community and investors have been bullish in their expectation and they do not wish that this is cut short. The Kurecoin CEO is not unaware of this anticipation. “Certainly. We are working and we won’t stop working” he says. “We are saving the best for the last”.

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