It is believed that 30% of the total world population are unemployed. In Africa, 50% of graduates yearly remain unemployed (get average befitting jobs). In Nigeria’s unemployment rate, which got worsened by rising for the 9th time in the 3rd Quarter of 2017. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria has been ranked 3rd in the global unemployment rate.

The rate at which employees are being sacked is also alarming and the majority of private employees are not certain of keeping their jobs till retirement. Unemployment in this part of the world have been attributed to government negligence and also Technology.

Technologies like Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Blockchain, Virtual reality and so on are changing the way we humans relate on a day to day basis. Different Digital and Tech Products are making traditional process obsolete so as the people who render such services.

Technology is giving more access, increasing speed, efficiency and productivity, by reducing waste and making the world a large global village. The world Richest according  to Forbes are into Business and Products driven by Technology. Apple Inc is valued at a Trillion dollars.

Technology is changing the whole idea of how we run our day to day activities and its therefore cause shift in Employment. others sectors are opening  opportunities which still need to be filled up.

Technology and digitalization in itself doesn’t pose a threat to manpower and employment, instead its purpose is to reduce waste and increase efficiency. For example A Manufacturing Industry that produces Toys, due to its large productions had to employ thousands of workers who work manually daily to produce these toys, in such process human error can cause waste since everything from scratch is manually done.  with the advent of technology such processes can  be Automated which might bring about the loss of jobs to most of these employees and at the same time create jobs for Machine Operators, Engineers, Maintenance team and so on. form these we can see that Technology in itself does not cause loss in employment, instead it shifts and opens more opportunities. the only challenge is People don’t try to stay relevant.

The only way to keep your jobs in this thriving Technology and Digital age is to ensure your are not replaced by machines and Tech Products but by being an important personnel to the effective use and inventions of this tools. other sectors and opportunities are springing up daily, jobs are opening and only relevant people today can find and keep them.

There are millions of jobs out there for people who are relevant enough and who are looking to add value to this world, these ones are rewarded with millions of dollars.

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