Great News – Dash (Digital Cash) Is Now Available on KurePay

Kurepay, our very own Hybrid Payment Gateway for Cryptocurrencies and Fiats recently enlisted Dash (digital cash) as one of the other enlisted cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

This is done to increase the value that KurePay offers to all it’s users and potential users.

The C.E.O of Kurecoin in an open statement to all Cryptocurrency users for all to see that the Kurecoin Projects are built to last states “While the world is wondering what’s happening, we’re busy building”.

KurePay now accepting Dash (digital cash) is not the end as other value-added features will be showcasing on KurePay soon.

So keep your fingers crossed because the Kurecoin Team is working tirelessly to lead the Kurecoin Vision.

Owning a Kurecoin is as relevant as owning the right to the future of your dreams today while it is still cheap, so own a Kurecoin today.

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