Kurecoin Partners With Dash

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kurecoin the cryptocurrency with the fastest growing community in Africa backed up with highly disruptive projects in which 80% of these projects have been launched  such as Kurepay( payment gateway for cryptocurrency and fiats), Kurecoinhub( Cryptobank) and its most recently launched project, its dynamic exchange- Kurexchange(exchange for fiats and cryptocurrency). kurecoin recently partnered with Dash (an open source cryptocurrency) giving the general public the ease to buy, sell and bank Dash with ease and receive dividends at kurecoinhub (Kurecoin Crypto Bank)

The CEO of kurecoin,  Abikure Tega in an interview said “The partnership with Dash is a step forward towards achieving our goals. we intend to keep building more partnership with other relevant organizations and bodies.”


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  2. Dash Nigeria has been implementing activities to attract more consumers and businesses to use Dash in their daily lives. This allows these people to store their money more efficiently and safely than cash, which costs a lot of money to process and protect. Other teams, such as Dash Hub Africa, have also been active in Africa to help increase Dash adoption and usage across the continent. This further helps individuals and businesses earn and spend Dash instead of holding physical bills in local currency. These adoption activities and exchange/banking integration will help increase Dash’s mobility in the country, which will further help adoption, as individuals will have confidence that they can easily spend and save Dash.

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