Creating Your Own Opportunities with Kurecoin

Some people say some opportunities come only once in a life time and seldom come in ways and methods you didn’t expect it to show. So most people don’t pay attention to it when its directly before their eyes.

2019 is a year of opportunities, opportunities that will spring up in ways only few will pay attention to and in which if most are not careful will miss out.

Only a few platforms give people the avenue not to only just find opportunities but to create their own opportunities. One of those rare platforms is Kurecoin.

Kurecoin isn’t just another  Blockchain – Cryptocurrency related project.  Its one that is birth with the core mindest of gifting people all over the world the opportunity to own and create their own opportunities by being part of the Kurecoin Project .Kurecoin is setting standards for others to follow.

Kurecoin launched the Kurecoin foundation  (read our former post on kurefoundation) in  2018 which sole purpose was to give Kurecoin holders the platform to create their own opportunities to  learn and develop themselves in Technologies that is shaping the world and experts in such fields are highly in demand, such as Artificial Intelligence (A.i), Blockchain Development and Data Science by Partnering with Technology Hubs Across Africa. Kurecoin holders who qualify were sponsored fully by Kurecoin to participate in this Bootcamps. An important Partnership was with Coven Labs Akure, Ondo state.

Kurecoin also launched one of its core project- its Cryptocurrency Bank at Kurecoinhub which gives people the opportunity to bank their Cryptocurrency and receive annual dividends for banking their Cryptocurrency. Kurecoinhub also avails users the privilege to get collateral free loans and also buy and sell in fiats and cryptocurrencies.

Kurecoin Hybrid Gateway ( Fiats and cryptocurrency) – KurePay ( read our previous post) helps Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Big Corporations and the Public, in general, create their own opportunities by giving them access to the platform that removed the limitations of how and which kind of funds they can receive and send seamlessly.

watch out to when we start full operations on KureExchange –  a platform where traders across the globe can trade their cryptocurrencies under a safe, secure and seamless environment

Join Our Community, become a kurecoin holder and be part of our success story.

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