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As part of plans to expand our reach and user base globally, we are excited to announce to you that

xapo ceo- bitcoin o1 milion

One Bitcoin Could Exceed $1 Million in 7 -10 Years: PayPal Director

In an essay published on Kana and Katana last month, a research platform run by Ikigai Asset Management, Xapo CEO

bitcin stable

Bitcoin Storms Back with 75% Gains, Cementing 2018’s Crypto Bottom

According to Peter Brandt, an experienced and widely recognized technical analyst, major crypto assets such as bitcoin has recovered by

shocked survey

Shocking Survey: 94% of Endowments ALREADY Invested in Crypto Industry

By CCN: While bitcoin bears gleefully proclaim that Wall Street will never embrace crypto, the evidence shows that major institutional

bitcoin rising

For the First Time Since 2015 – Bitcoin Blazes Bullish in Long-Term Indicator

The crypto market has begun to demonstrate signs of new momentum as bitcoin slightly recovered to over $5,200 and other

philipine central bank

10 Bitcoin Exchanges Already Legalized by The Philippines’ Central Bank

According to local reports, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has approved three crypto exchanges, bringing the total number of

japanese police force

Japanese Police Arrests 18-Year Old Hacker for Stealing $134,000 in Monacoin

Local prosecutors in Japan have charged an 18-year old male with cryptocurrency theft. Per a report published in a local


Bitcoin Transactions Reaching Record Highs As Cash ‘on the Verge of Collapse’

A new report claims that cash is “on the verge of collapse” in the UK, with cash transactions expected to


Signature Bank New York: We are now Opening Accounts for Bermuda’s Crypto Startups

Signature Bank, New York-based is offering a full slate of financial services to crypto and fintech startups in Bermuda. Cryptocurrency


Abikure Tega Kurecoin CEO Admonishes African Banks To Learn From JP Morgan Move and Mistake

It is no more news that JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank one of the world leading financial institutions in the