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PewDiePie YouTube’s Biggest Star Swaps Stream to Blockchain Video Platform

YouTube’s most popular content creator will ditch the video juggernaut in favor of crypto-based DLive in a massive win for

siban logo

SIBAN Is Sanitizing Nigeria’s Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Space

Concerned about the rate at which scam, unsafe, or high-risk Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects are springing up in Nigeria, Stakeholders

gas station adopts crypto

Massive Adoption: Gas Stations In Nigeria Adopts KurePay

Kurecoin’s Hybrid payment gateway and wallet system –KurePay is gaining Adoption across Nigeria. A recent KurePay Adoption is by Nero

bitcoin price fr blog

Bitcoin Price to rise by 157% to $9,000 by ending of 2019.

A study carried out  by Finder.co.au in Australia saw experts in the financial market forecasting the year-end Bitcoin price in


Great News: Kurecoin “Utilities” Feature on KurePay is Going Live

We have exciting news to all users and potential users of our first class and amazing Hybrid Gateway and Payment


The Main Opposition Party of Thailand Holds Primary Election on Blockchain

The Democrat Party, Thailand’s main opposition party has become the first major political party in the world to carry out


The iPhones XS and XR causes a lot of nostalgia

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AMD Threadripper review, one of the best CPU

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Some Nintendo Witchery games won’t work with the upcoming cloud save feature

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