Automate Your Income Through Kurecoin Investment Club

Are you familiar with the term “Automation”? Automation is when a process or procedure is performed with minimum human assistance to maximize efficiency. The difference between someone who is financially buoyant and the other who is broke or close to bankruptcy isn’t just the fact that the other person expenses is more than its income but the fact that one has the capacity to earn more than the other. Robert Kiyosaki one of the world leading Investor and author of world’s best sellers of books dedicated to financing such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” emphasized the fact instead of worrying about to reduce your expenses, work on how to effectively increase your income or earning capacity.

Running multiple jobs is a good start, but whats the point of putting your health and time you should be spending with friends and family when there is a better alternative – Automation. you can live a fullfied life when you can put your money to work for you, in which your money keeps increasing itself without you being directly invovled in the processs of the increase. Africa’s leading Cryptocurrency project -Kurecoin is going to help you automate your cash inflow despite the long bear season in the crypto market through the Kurecoin Investment Club.


The Kurecoin investment club is a club created for the kurecoin eco system. The club will allow members to share daily earning with us, where you can join thousands of cryptocurrency investors who earn daily from the entire ecosystem.

As a company with several live projects we are opening an opportunity to the members of our community to partner with us and by this means allowing members to benefit from earnings of our live projects.

Members of the club will be entitled to their daily earning from fees and charges from daily transaction volumes on our platforms.

This package allows the club members to earn up to 0.5% – 2% daily for a period of 260 working days depending on the amount invested with us.

Criteria’s to be part of the kurecoin investment club are;
• Be a member of the kurecoin community
• A flat registration fee of $50 is required

The packages are
• $100
• $500
• $1,000
• $5.000
• $10,000 and above

• Bitcoin (BTC)
• Naira


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