Apple’s Is Holding Another Big Event By October 30,2018

It was believed that hardware season was over, until a month and a half immediately after its latest major event, Apple’s throwing a big party in Brooklyn on October 30.

The occasion will most likely come up with updates on some of the technology that was installed through the cracks back in September, including, most likely, a new iPad and potentially some news relating to the Mac line. The tagline for the event is, “There’s more in the making” which appears to be a gesture to both the “one more thing” attribute of this late-in-the-season event, alongside with the company’s newfound focus on creative professionals. Most likely there see a new version of the iPad Pro and, if we’re lucky, perhaps even a peek at the upcoming renew of the Mac Pro, which is set to arrive early next year. Along with professional devices, the timing is also right to unveil some last-minute devices just in time for the holidays. 

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