Promoting The Use of Dash Through The Kurecoin Eco-System in Africa

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The Conference is powered by Dash Nigeria and will address the adoption and use of cryptocurrency in Nigeria.
About this Event
The Dash conference aims to educate people on the need for cryptocurrency adoption and use. The global challenge that cryptocurrency needs to scale over is ADOPTION. Cryptocurrency at its core is a medium of exchange which lacks an important component which is the practical and convenient use but has the immense benefit of a secure and fast transaction with the capacity to send money anywhere in the world with low fees has brought about a remarkable revolution to banking and financial services; and this is what will be promoted at the dash conference

The adoption of Dash in Nigeria has been remarkable so far, which has made it one of the leading cryptocurrencies to be been widely adopted by merchants. The benchmark for Dash utility in Nigeria can be attributed to how it is being used, its trading rate and holders. This has been made possible by lots of innovative features that has been integrated into Dash like Dash Masternode, Instant Send, Private send and soon-coming ChainLock feature.

Dash is driving to dominate Africa by being also one of the most accepted cryptocurrency by merchants and serve as utility coin for various services like electricity bills, gift-cards, mobile & airtime recharge, and tax payment. Dash payment solution is a groundbreaking boost for merchant with low transaction fee at discounted rate, this facilitates ways to spend Dash on everything. Dash has been made readily available to meet the various range of billing in every household.

Having these interesting features on Dash without it being fully maximized demands more public awareness for people to know how to benefit from Dash which has necessitated the Dash conference to provide the necessary education and enlightenment.

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